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Today is a big day!

At Molin, we believe that AI technology will be so transformational that it will enable individuals to run entire e-commerce businesses alone. In other words, using AI, 1 person will have the same output as the biggest, most funded shops on the planet.

A bit like STEM from the movie Upgrade, but surely less aggressive and hostile

Our mission is to enable all entrepreneurs and builders to build businesses alone or with small teams that can compete with the biggest companies. To achieve this, we decided to offer Molin with a strong FREE plan and reduce our pricing significantly on the paid ones

This way, truly everyone can use Molin to grow and run t online business.

Details of New Pricing:

Free Plan

A brand-new addition! Enjoy basic features at absolutely no cost.

Startup Plan

Now only $19 per seat/month, a massive 61% decrease from the original $49. This plan is ideal for individuals and small businesses.

Growth Plan:

Reduced to $49 per seat/month from $99, a 51% reduction. Perfect for growing shops and teams.

Scale Plan:

Our comprehensive plan for large-scale operations is now just $99 per seat/month, offering a significant 80% reduction from the previous $490.

Save 25% when buying an annual plan!

Check new plans here.

Impact on existing customers:

All existing paying customers have beed moved up a plan without any extra charges. So, if you were on the Startup plan, now you are on the Growth plan and if you were on the Growth plan, you moved to the Scale plan.

These changes are visible in your Billing portal.

Sign up and grow your e-commerce business with Molin

Today, Molin is the smartest sales and support chatbot that integrates seamlessly into your shops' website and has a knowledge trained on your products and brand. Tomorrow, it will be able to do a lot more.

Use Molin for Free, Forever. 💸

Ben Toth

CEO & Co-founder
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