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Molin is an AI that writes unique and high quality content from a couple of words in just seconds.


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Create content 10x faster

Molin is an artificial intelligence platform that helps you create high-quality content 10x faster.


Original Content

Molin passes all the plagiarism checks.


Writes Like A Human

Molin will help you increase your output.

10+ Languages

Molin can write content in 10+ languages including English, Spanish, German and Hungarian.

Original Content

Molin writes original content that passes plagiarism checks.

80+ Ready-Made Templates

Blog Posts

Stop struggling with articles and let Molin generate entire blog posts and paragraphs within seconds.

Social Media

Generate months of social media content in minutes. Automate your Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook posts.


Write personalized sales emails and quickly generate email subject lines with high open rates.


Let Molin come up with interesting advertising angles without spending tons of time and money.

Customers love Molin

“Makes marketing easy”

It’s like Canva, Molin makes writing social media posts and marketing materials a breeze.

🇺🇸 Jay - Marketing Lead

“So good, it feels illegal”

I'm a student and I used to struggle with writing. Now, Molin writes for me and helps me come up with ideas. It even wrote some parts of my dissertation.

🇭🇺 David - Student

“It’s a breakthrough”

It’s impressive what you can do with AI. Writing, brainstorming, even programming have become easier. Was it written by a human or AI? Indistinguishable.

🇷🇴 Alex - Engineer

“I fired my copywriter”

I don’t need a copywriter anymore, Molin writes product descriptions for me in 3 languages. I’m not a native English speaker, but now nobody can tell.

🇩🇪 Stefan - Freelancer

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