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Cobra Computer is a company founded more than 37 years ago by Hungarian entrepreneurs, which has been active in the field of IT since its establishment in 1986.

Since the very beginning it has been engaged in the development, sale and implementation of enterprise resource planning systems (ERP). Today, it provides a wide range of services to thousands of satisfied software users in their daily lives.

In addition to the company's highly skilled team and its expertise, existing and new customers benefit from decades of experience, as exemplified by the hundreds of customers with whom it has maintained excellent partnerships for more than 20 years.

About Cobra Computer

History of the company

The history of the company dates back to 1986, when Dr. András Dózsa founded Cobra Computer kft, with other Hungarian owners among others.

Marianna Bokorné Herczegh joined the company in 2007 and has been a director since 2009, and since 2014 she has been a managing director and co-owner of the company, which she leads with outstanding results.

"It is the enthusiasm and belief of the people who work at Cobra and the partners that fascinates me." said Marianna.

The loyalty of their partners also shows how professional and constantly evolving a company Cobra Computer is.

Several of their partners have been using their systems or some of their software since the 1990s, which have naturally changed and evolved over the generations to always provide the most up-to-date, market-ready service to their customers.

"Our goal is to serve our customers and companies efficiently, with high quality and according to the needs of the partner. For us, success is when a company becomes even more successful because with our Cobraconto.NET ERP system, it can create and maintain a more transparent, more economical operation. Furthermore, my employees are very important to me, and I strive to make their lives successful and happy," Marianna said.

The collaborative team

"I have a very long-standing team of collaborators, some of whom have been working together since before I took over the management." Marianna said.

The team members are excellent professionals. Balázs and Márk are innovative developers, Zoli is an engineer who strives for perfection, and Marci tests at night. 

Balázs is also loved for his charming appearance and his software implementation. Kristóf is highly professional, Krisztián helps on the phone, Klaudia is young but answers questions about software and accounting. 

Anna communicates with clients and prepares proposals. Sándor forwards telephone enquiries and sends licences to clients.

Influences and challenges

One of the biggest challenges in the company's life was when Marianna took over in 2014 and had to develop a complete strategy and find an investor in just three weeks. The new board had to take over and rescue the company from a very difficult financial condition. Thanks to the new management and stakeholders, the company survived and rebounded from its all-time financial low.

"I'm very proud that I found a financial investor at the time and that I was able to win them over in a short period of time, but what I'm even prouder of is that we've been up and running and profitable since 2014, the year I took over the company," Marianna shared.

Of course, along with the challenges and the leaps and bounds of running a business, there are also things in life that bring a smile to your face. 

For example, sometimes it can be difficult for customers or family to keep up with changes, so funny moments can happen.

"I told my son to click on the floppy icon, he didn't understand what I meant. He understood the save icon." says Marianna.

The role of AI in business

The role of AI in business now and in the next five years

Artificial Intelligence is helping the business now, as it is expected to do in the next five years, by providing a huge boost to the expertise of employees.

It is expected that AI will permeate the entire business management system and will be integrated into various areas of the business, and of course, alongside these, it will also be an essential and effective aid to employees in the future.

Positive changes brought by Molin

Molin is currently helping to ensure that Cobra Computer, the areas it manages, are carried out in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

Molin's highly capable AI chatbot, which facilitates webshop management and customer service, makes everyday life easier for many businesses, which we have previously reported on HERE.

"We are still very early days of using it, but it makes it interesting and exciting. It's definitely the need to respond to the needs of a fast changing world and this is one step, but we're not stopping there, we're going to make much more use of AI in software," - Marianna said.

Artificial Intelligence for SMEs?

When we asked Marianna what advice she would give to SMEs that are currently considering integrating artificial intelligence into their business, we got a firm and forward-looking answer:

"Be bold and open-minded. You have to make an effort, but I think the future is unimaginable without it."

Indeed, harnessing the potential of AI can be a big advantage for businesses that recognise the potential early on and incorporate it into their business at an early stage to achieve outstanding results.

It is clear to see that Cobra Computer has been using Molin in its business, albeit for a short period of time, but with great success. The five-year plans also show that this is not a temporary move, as artificial intelligence will clearly play a key role in its future.

Cobra Computer offers you the best opportunity to optimise your business with their advanced enterprise management systems! It is extremely easy to increase the efficiency of your business and manage it with the help of modern technology.

Greg Toth

Head of Marketing
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