The 25 best prompts to use in the Molin AI SideKick!

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The sidekick is an important part of Molin today. More and more businesses use the sidekick for business intelligence and content creation. We have collected some of the best prompts our users came up with in the last couple of months.

Important to note that as AI models change, prompting should change too. Thus, the prompts below might not be so useful in the future. We recommend you to experiment with different approaches and try new methods constantly.

Fill in the {{variable}} inside the “{{}}” symbols.

Here are the 25 best prompts you can use on any AI:

Product Description

Create amazing product descriptions for Ecommerce sites.



1. One sentence introduction of the product's main features.

2.List of Key Benefits: An ordered list of the product's three unique selling points and how it solves a specific problem or meets a specific need.

3. Call to action

Name: {{product_name}}

Features: {{features}}. 

Write a product description.

Product Features Table

Create entire product feature tables for Ecommerce sites.



| Feature | Description |


| feature 1 | feature 1 description |

| feature 2 | feature 2 description |

Generate a product features table for this product in the format above.

Name: {{product_name}}

Features to include and add more if they're suitable: {{product_features}}

Blog Conclusion

Generate a final, conclusion paragraph for your blog posts.


{{your blog}}. Write a conclusion paragraph with a call to action.

Blog Outline

Generate an outline for a blog post.


Create an outline for a blog post about “{{topic}}” with a focus on “{{focusTopic}}”. Only write a numbered list, avoid full sentences. Have a minimum of 5 points and do not repeat sentences from the prompt.

Entire Blog Post

Generate an entire blog post which is around 600 words long.


Length: 600 words MINIMUM

Write a 6-paragraph-long article with section titles about {{topic}} and {{focusTopic}}. Clearly format it like a blog post. Stick to the topic and divide it up into sections. Write in {{_LANG_}} only.

Blog Post from Outline

Blog Post from Outline.


Length: 600 words MINIMUM

Write a blog post from the given outline and include the section titles from the outline. Write in {{_LANG_}} only."

SEO Blog Post

Write blog posts for specific keywords.


Length: 600 words MINIMUM

Write a 6-paragraph-long article with section titles about {{topic}} focusing on {{keywords}}. Clearly format it like a blog post. Stick to the topic and divide it up into sections. Add references at the end of the text.

Rewrite Paragraph

Rephrase entire paragraphs with the same tone and grammar.


{{text}}. Rewrite all the previous text maintaining its accuracy, grammar and quality.

Simplify Text

Simplify difficult text into everyday language.


Summarize this for a second-grade student: {{input_paragraph}}

Fix Typos

Paste any text and let Molin fix the typos for you.


Fix the typos in this text: {{input_paragraph}}

TL;DR Summary

Summarize long paragraphs in 1 sentence.

tl;dr this text: {{input_paragraph}}

Cite This For Me

Create citations for your text.


"Cite this article for me. Show multiple results if you find more matches:


Cold email

Generate personalized sales emails.


Write three cold emails to the person in the {{person_position}} position at the company called, {{company_name}}. The email should have a {{mood_style}} tone and be very polite. I found their profiles or company on {{connection}}. I want them to {{outcome}}. Do not repeat sentences from the topic in the paragraph. If the sentences above do not contain a name or position, address the letter as Dear Sir/Madam or just use - To whom it may concern. 

Email Reply

Generate professional email replies in seconds.


"Answer this email for me{% if tone %} in a ""{{tone}}"" way{% endif %}. Feel free to ask questions to clarify the email.


Email Subject

Generate unique and converting email subject lines.


Write 5 email subject line ideas in a {{tone}} tone for this email:

Instagram Ads

Generate Instagram ads for your product or service.


Write an Instagram ad description for my product that I wish to sell. The target market is {{targetMarket}}.

Name: {{productName}}

Description: {{productDescription}}

Linkedin Ads

Generate professional Linkedin ads for your company.


Write a professional ad to run on Linkedin. The target market is {{targetMarket}}.

Name: {{productName}}

Description: {{productDescription}}

Facebook Ads

Generate Facebook ads for your product or service.


Write a creative ad to run on Facebook. The target market is {{targetMarket}}.

Name: {{productName}}

Description: {{productDescription}}

Twitter Thread

Turn articles into twitter threads.


Article: {{article}}. Create a Twitter thread about the Article above in a {{mood_style}} mood. Do not include bullet points, but number the list. Do not repeat sentences from the topic in the paragraph.

Funny Twitter Reply

Generate funny Twitter post replies for any post.


Write a funny Twitter reply to this post: {{post}}.

YouTube Video Script

Generate the entire script for a YouTube video.


Topic: {{topic}}

Focus topic: {{focusTopic}}

Create a YouTube video script and ask them to subscribe to the channel at the end.

Debate Arguments

Molin will come up with Pro and Con arguments for any debate topic.


List 5 pros and 5 cons arguments for this debate topic: "{{topic}}".

Employment Contract

Create a standard employment contract for full-time, part-time or contractor employees.


Write an entire Employment Contract and format it as an official legal document:

What type of hours will the employee work? {{employeehours}}

Where will the employment take place? {{employeeplace}}

Details of the employer

Name: {{nameofemployer}}

Address: {{addressofemployer}}

Employee details:

Full name: {{nameofemployee}}

Address: {{addressofemployee}}

Is this a permanent position? {{permanentpos}}

Start date: {{startdate}}

Where will the employee work?

Address: {{joblocation}}

What are the usual days the employee will work? {{daysofwork}}

What is the job title for the employee? {{jobtitle}}

Describe job duties and responsibilities: {{duties}}

Probationary Period? {{probation}}

What type of remuneration will the employee receive? {{remuneration}}

How much is it? {{salary}}

How often will the employee be paid? {{paymentperiod}}

How much annual leave will the employee receive? {{annualleave}}

Will bank and public holidays be included in the employee's paid annual leave? {{paidannualleave}}

Who should the employee notify in case of sickness or inability to work? {{contact}}

The employer will provide sick pay equal to: {{sickpay}}

Will the employee be automatically enrolled in the employer's pension scheme {{pension}}

Select any restrictive clauses you want to add to the contract: {{restrictiveclauses}}

How much notice must the employer give before ending the employment relationship? {{noticeperiod}}

Employer Disciplinary Procedure is set out in: {{disciplinary}}

Do you want to include any additional information? {{additional}}

When will the parties sign the contract? {{signdate}}

Mutual NDA

Create a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Write a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement between: {{companya}} and {{companyb}} for effective date: {{date}}

One-way NDA

Create a One-Way Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Write a One-way Non-Disclosure Agreement with this information:

Name of the Recipient: {{recipient}}

Name of the Discloser: {{discloser}}

Date: {{date}}

If you have any prompt suggestions, please post it in our Facebook group here.

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