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New Feature Alert 🚨: Today, we're launching a brand new way for finetuning your Molin AI chatbot. We added a new page in the dashboard, called FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions. So from now on, you can train Molin through a preset of questions and answers and the AI will learn how to answer questions through the context of these FAQs. We recommend giving it a try as it will significantly improve Molin’s responses.

We are rolling out this feature to all of our subscribers so be sure to try it out now

But for now, let’s dive in how it works!

Watch a short tutorial video on how it works:

We added a brand new page inside the Dashboard under AI Chatbot called FAQs

The FAQs page is super simple: you can either choose to add new FAQs manually by clicking the “Add new FAQ” button or by generating with AI. Let’s focus on the manual one for now and we will circle back to the generative part later.

Once you click on the “Add new FAQ” button, a form will pop up where you can type in your question and then your answer! Once you start writing your question Molin will try to guess what you are referring to and will offer up autocomplete options. Just hit the TAB on your keyboard to autocomplete.

Then you start typing the answer and Molin will give you autocomplete options to speed up the process. Feel free to manually change any part of the answer to your liking.

You can just hit Save right after and repeat the process with more questions. The max number of questions you can add is a 100, but for that, you will need to have a Scale Plan with Molin. It's that simple, why won’t you give it a try?

Let’s look at the aforementioned Generate with AI functionality now. By clicking this button, Molin will automatically generate your FAQ question and answer pair based on the most frequent instances it encounters, and it does so without you typing anything. Of course, you can modify the output to your liking. 

There is no repetition in what Molin generates, as he remembers ALL the previous FAQ items it already generated. The more you generate, the more differentiated generated items you will get! Besides speeding up the process, this is great for brainstorming possible questions and answers. You can bet that Molin will produce FAQs that you would not even have thought about!

Modifying a generated FAQ is also as easy as it gets. Simply just click on a FAQ item and a new window will pop up, identical to the one you were seeing during the manual input process.

You can modify the body of text for both the Question and the proposed Answer. Again, this is as easy as a lemon squeeze, so we would recommend you give it a try and explore

And now a great Apple Keynote moment, although in a written format: 

The super cool autocomplete function we just demonstrated for the manual entry of the FAQs will soon be added to the Molin Inbox, so you can speed up live chats with your Community even more! So definitely stay tuned!

Ben Toth

CEO & Co-founder
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