Cancel Your Subscription

Written by
Greg Toth
Last updated:
January 12, 2024

How to Cancel Your Subscription

Follow the steps below to quickly and easily cancel your service:

1. Log in to Molin

2. Click on the menu icon located in the left corner of the screen.

3. From there, click on “Billing” from the drop-down menu that appears.

4. Enter your email address and the code sent to you in order to log in to your Molin customer portal.

5. You will be taken to your billing page where you will see a list of services associated with your account including any active subscriptions.

6. Click on “Cancel plan” next to any active subscription or plan you wish to end and confirm that you want to cancel by clicking “Yes” when prompted by a confirmation page that appears after clicking “Cancel”.

7. After successful cancellation, you will no longer be charged for any services associated with that subscription or plan and it will no longer appear as an active service under your list of services in the billing section anymore

Greg Toth

Head of Marketing
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