Molin is now available on UNAS!

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We're incredibly happy to announce that we partnered up with the biggest e-commerce platform in Hungary. From today, Molin is available inside the UNAS dashboard and Unas users can just click a few buttons to create and run their own AI chatbot.

We hope that we can help UNAS stores grow internationally by automating their support and removing language barriers. Today, Molin speaks more than 92 languages to enable shops to sell in many countries.

With the UNAS integration, Molin will get significantly better. In the coming weeks, Molin will be equipped with advanced features that will streamline online business operations. These features include:

  • Order Tracking: To answer questions asked about order status.
  • Order Modification: To give Molin the ability to make changes to orders in real-time.
  • Discount Management: To allow Molin to create discount codes for better conversion and customer loyalty.
  • And more.

Here's a simple guide on how you can add Molin to your UNAS shop.

✨ Step 1: Choose UNAS

From the four options, select UNAS and click the Continue button.


✨ Step 2: Enter your UNAS store's URL

Simply enter the URL of your e-commerce store into the field and click the Continue button.


✨ Step 3: Copy your UNAS API key

After moving forward, on the new page click the Continue to UNAS button which will take you to the UNAS admin interface where you can copy your API key.


✨ Step 4: Paste the API key and download the products

Simply paste the unique API key into the field and click the Download Products button. Molin will then download your products and create your AI chatbot.


To start using Molin for Free today, sign up using this link or if you want to join our growing community of e-commerce and AI fanatics, then visit these links:

International community

Hungarian community

Ben Toth

CEO & Co-founder
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