Molin can access orders' statuses and help customers instantly

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Where is my order?" - Now, Molin can answer this too!

40% of customer questions asked on Molin are related to order statuses, so it was due time to launch this functionality for our partners.

It was very important to us to get this feature into our customer's hands as soon as possible, as it is not only highly sought-after but also greatly aligns with our mission to turn every e-commerce store into a 1 person operation.

Hence, today is a very exciting day! If you ever had a hard time dealing with order tracking related questions on your e-commerce site – we have good news! From now on, Molin can answer these questions for you, without you.

If your shop runs on Unas or Shoprenter, you can enable the fresh Order Status feature on the Molin Dashboard with just one click of a button and watch the magic happen. ✨

Let’s see how it works!

1. Go to AI Actions

Simply just navigate to the “AI Actions” tab in the Molin dashboard.

2. Switch the 'Order Status' toggle ON

In the order status section, switch on the toggle button to enable the 'Customers can request information about their order' feature.

3. Pick your shipping companies from the dropdown

If you want Molin to also generate tracking codes for different parcel delivery services connected to your shop, it is also a piece of cake! Just click on the “select couriers” area and select the services you want to be included.

4. Ready for testing!

Now just sit back and watch Molin talking to your customers.

Once everything is set up, all you need to do is wait for the orders to flow in. Molin will handle the rest, from missing order numbers to tracking packages, all within an easy-to-use chat interface.


We're so excited to launch this essential feature and wanted to share that the next upcoming release will tackle another feature that we also got requested countless times: Soon Molin will be able to cancel orders without any help!

If you like what we are building, we would love to see you as a fellow customer and relieved E-commerce store owner!

Ben Toth

CEO & Co-founder
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