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We're thrilled to announce our latest and greatest integration with Facebook’s Messenger. What started out as an internal need turned into a vital feature on the path towards turning all e-commerce businesses into a 1 person operation. And we are just getting started.

Meta retired its Facebook Messenger chat plugin a few days ago. Quickly we got to work and built the first social media platform integration for Molin. From today, you can connect Molin to your Facebook page and let Molin answer customer questions on Facebook and on your website, at the same time.

The Facebook Messenger integration is available for all of our shops including all the plugins, but to access it, you will need to have at least a Startup subscription.

So if you haven’t signed up yet, GET STARTED NOW

In case you wonder, all the features you love about Molin will also be available through Facebook Messenger. You can collect leads, cancel orders and all the rest.

And just to make things even more exciting, you can follow all the conversation in the Molin Dashboard.

Let’s dive into how you can activate this feature!

First things first Log in or Sign Up with Molin. Once all set, go to the Dashboard, head over to the Integrations Page:

 Once there, open up the Facebook Messenger integration card. Here you need to provide Molin with the proper authorization to access your page.

Then you will be redirected to the Facebook authorization page, and you need to complete the authorization flow. 

Select the Business account you want to connect to Molin.

Then, you will have to choose which pages you want to include in the integration. You can choose specific pages or “Opt in” for all Pages tied to the account.

When this is done, you will be met with a list of permissions that Molin will need to operate your Facebook chats properly. After all, hit save and your connection is ready, you are all done here. 😎

Now, head back to the Molin Dashboard and within the Facebook Messenger Integration card, under the pages section, select a page you want to work with.

Save it the connection is live on Molin’s end as well! 🎉 NOTE: if you want to delete the connection you can just hit the little “X” mark next to the selected shop and save again. 

Let’s test it on our Shop’s Facebook page. Once someone clicks on the message function on your page, Molin is ready to take the messages. Molin is pretty smart, it understands that people usually type in multiple messages, so it waits for a bit to see what the customer wants to ask or say, and this way Molin can reply back with the full context.

At the same time, The same conversation pops up in the Molin Dashboard, but the two separate messages the user sent are now grouped into one. 

Molin usually waits 10-15 seconds before he sees the messages on facebook and starts to reply back right away. Molin replies are also broken into multiple messages to create a more natural and more conversational chat experience.

So with our Facebook integration, Molin can now help your customers directly inside Messenger.

But this is just the beginning, we are concurrently working on several other integrations, including Instagram, WhatsApp and many more!

If you don’t want to miss out on our feature releases, be sure to check out our site and start work with Molin today!

Ben Toth

CEO & Co-founder
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