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AI support employee for e-commerce

Train your shop's AI on your own data to sell more and cut your customer support by 80%.

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Cut your shop's support by 80% with AI

Cut support by 80%

Using advanced AI language models, Molin solves complex problems and provides more accurate answers than any AI chatbot on the market.


Built for the web. Molin integrates into all of the e-commerce platforms and any other types of websites.





Molin automatically detects a customer’s language and resolve issues in 92 languages. In fact, it can change mid conversation.

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Allow Molin to execute actions on behalf of you to streamline the entire support flow. Molin can collect emails, modify or cancel orders, initiate refunds and more.


Molin understands and speaks just like a human. It can ask clarifying questions, search your website for the right info and have a perfect conversation with your customers.

Unlocking a new area of e-commerce

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Resolve customer problems in seconds with AI chat

Using state of the art AI technology, Molin resolves 80% of the customer questions instantly.

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Generate product descriptions in your tone of voice

Write amazing product description with AI in your own brand voice, automatically.

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create Marketing content on autopilot

Generate blog posts, ads, social media campaigns with a few clicks in 14+ languages.

Go live in 1 minute

Website Data

Public data from your website and social media accounts.

Help Center

Sync your help center and FAQs to Molin.

Live Chat

Train Molin on live conversations so it learns how you would answer.

All of our customer sell more with Molin than without it.

Backed by world class investors:

Istvan hajas

Marketing vezetΕ‘

"As a leading player in the e-commerce of construction materials, we are delighted to explore the possibilities offered by Molin and see how it can change the future of commerce."

Marianna Herczegh


"Our customer can struggle to find relevant information in our huge knowledge base. Since we added Molin, it's a much better experience for them."

Tamas Vrasko


"We have more than 80,000 products and Molin can seamlessly search and answer questions about all of them instantly."


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